With thousands of awards and hundreds of magazine covers, Ekstensive Metal Works still puts our pants on one leg at a time. Nothing in our success was done alone and we will always put the client first, and do whatever it takes to make them happy.

The Turban...

No custom truck rolls out of Ekstensive Metalworks with a factory suspension, and with Bill’s personal truck, the team is going all out with mandrel-bent framerails, two-link in the rear, and Ekstensive’s own front suspension that will allow the ’Burban to tuck 28-inch wheels. The 5.3L will receive a full dress-up job with plenty of parts from Street and Performance, and we’re told a polished MagnaCharger supercharger may make its way atop the engine for a potent 500hp combo. Inside, the ’Burban will feature leather and painted fiberglass throughout with enough room for his expanding family.

If a zoo had a legitimate freak of nature on display, wouldn’t you want to go see it for yourself? So would we, and we can’t wait to check out this insane truck when it debuts right here in Truckin’ magazine..