Ekstensive Waiting Estimate Request Form

Thank you for choosing Ekstensive Metal Works.

This application is for folks who would like to be considered and added to our waiting list. Please remember that by filling out this application is does not mean you will be guaranteed a spot on our list. We go through each application carefully and ether approve or reject the potential projects. Please read and answer all questions. If the application is not complete it will be automatically rejected.

Projects we ARE accepting

  • Full ( Complete ) Custom Builds - NOT RESTORATION

  • Metal Work Not requiring finish paint

  • Complete Chassis Builds

  • Custom Suspension Air / Static Coil

Common Questions

  • In house financing is NOT available

  • We work off deposits from your build.

  • We do not choose our TV builds

  • Charity or Donation builds are processed with a 30% discount.

Budget for the project

Please note FULL projects at Ekstensive start out at $175,000 and go up. Depending on the intensity of the project and difficulty of the build. We change an hourly shop rate of $85/hr plus materials.

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Budget for the Project

In Closing

When you submit your online form you will need to follow up with pictures of the build to quote@ekstensive.com. Preferably a front 3/4 view ( Each Side ), interior, and engine bay. We will be going threw each application and will let you know if your project has been accepted. You will be contacted within three weeks of your submission. If your application is not replied to in that time line please call the shop. We receive thousands of calls and emails a week so please be patient, if you truly want a custom build by us please be persistent and we will get to you. Thank You, and we look forward to discussing your project with you.